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Curaprox Ultrasoft- Single toothbrush


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More than 5460 ultra fine compact tufted CUREN bristles form an effective, durable and exceptionally gentle bristle surface. The individual ultra fine bristles reach even the most difficult areas of gum and teeth.

A regular toothbrush has less than 500 thick bristles, over 10 times fewer bristles compared with the CS 5460. With fewer bristles cleaning efficiency is less.

Bendable neck allows for angulation to reach difficult areas.

Elegant octagonal handle for perfect manipulation whilst brushing at every angle.

CS 5460 PRIME “ultra soft” (Curen 0.10 mm thin!)

This is the ultimate toothbrush. We challenge you to use it for a week and then try to go back to your old brush. It cleans better, softer and will NOT hurt your gums.


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