South Yarra Dental Group

Ms Stephanie Attard



Stephanie is a highly regarded gentle, caring and thorough dental hygienist.

Having graduated from Curtin University in 2007, she brings not only her sunny disposition to South Yarra Dental Group, but years of experience.

She is not only highly confident in treating all aspects of periodontal care, but has a particular interest in the overall mouth body connection.

Stephanie has spent many years in a Holistic practice gaining valuable insight into how the mouth plays a direct role in your overall health.

She has since completed Orofacial Myology training, (‘orofacial’ referring to the face and mouth while ‘myology’ is the area of medicine that focuses on muscles and how they work. Together, this refers to healthcare that helps treat problems with the face jaw and mouth by working with patients’ muscles.

Stephanie and is keen to help you achieve the healthiest mouth and therefore body possible.

Stephanie says the ‘funnest’ part of her day is when she completes whitening! The joy in a patients face and overall improved confidence in the appearance of their smile will keep her (and you)  smiling for days! Don’t be shy to ask her anything related to improving your smile!

 Stephanie is warm, friendly, competent and approachable and looks forward to meeting you at South Yarra Dental Group for your preventive care appointments!

We are pleased to announce that
we are back to unrestricted practice
from Friday October 22nd

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See you soon!  :)